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School Philosophy

At Riverdale School, our mission is to work as a community to create authentic learning experiences, to ensure students both value and reach their potential in a changing society. We strive to empower learners to achieve excellence and persevere in meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Evolving technologies are used to support students in preparing and succeeding in their ever changing world. We are a small school that takes pride in creating a safe and caring environment where students are held to high academic and behavioral expectations.




2018-2019 Student Rights and Responsibilities

The mission at Riverdale school is to ensure high levels of learning for all of our students. As a Professional Learning Community (PLC) we are committed to student learning, professional collaboration and student results. Teachers will ensure all of our students experience high levels of success in learning the essential outcomes of the curriculum through formative assessment, summative assessment, intervention and enrichment. We envision a school that is responsive to the needs of our school community and challenge each child to develop the core 21st century competencies in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

2018-2019 Student Right and Responsibilities