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2016-17 Program Highlights

Our school them is Peace.  We were fortunate to receive a Peace Pole from the Mahatma Gandhi Canadian Foundation for World Peace.  Some students have created miniature Peace Poles and have distributed them to individuals that the students felt would be helped by a wish for peace.  A culture of peace has been woven into our daily lives at Riverdale.

Students at Riverdale School participate in the Lucy Calkins Writing Program from K to 6.  Our Division II classrooms have begun to implement the Lucy Calkins Reading Program. The Lucy Calkins programs challenge students to become avid and skilled writers, readers and inquirers.  Riverdale School has seen an increased level of student achievement in literacy since incorporating the programs. 

Students are engaged in activities that begin to prepare them for the world of work.  Children explore various careers through field trips and guest speakers, and our curriculum is linked to real world experiences.  We also offer a Young Engineers Robotics Club. Children in two of our classrooms are also part of the Entrepreneurial Adventures Program, where students learn financial literacy and social responsibility by coming together to create a small business to earn money for a common charity. Our K/1 class presented to our Parent Council and negotiated a loan with interest in order to begin their business venture.

Each morning, school begins with children coming together in the library to engage in independent, leveled reading with the principal.  During this time, teachers have the opportunity to work with individual children or small groups of children to target the learning of specific skills and competencies.  This targeted intervention time has increased student achievement at Riverdale School.