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School Philosophy

Riverdale School exists to develop and prepare students for a lifelong journey of learning. We offer a collaborative, inclusive, and safe environment for K-6 children to express themselves, learn, and grow into well-rounded students prepared for the adventures of junior high school and beyond.

We believe in academic excellence, paired with sporting activity, and arts, all wrapped up with a focus on environmentalism and learning about the land that surrounds our school. Students at Riverdale School experience smaller class sizes that empower teachers to meet learners where they are at in their educational journey.

Our students leave Riverdale School optimistic and prepared to tackle the next phase in their education both in and outside of the classroom. Fostered through supportive parent-teacher relationships and a safe community filled with folks who look out for one another, Riverdale School sets students up for success in education and life.



Riverdale School's Mission

Preparing students for lasting education.

Riverdale School provides students with the tools, experiences, and opportunities to take their education well beyond the K-6 years and into a journey of lifelong learning. Through a closely-knit, small but diverse student body, we meet students where they are at in their educational journey and promote unique learning moments that embrace academics, arts, sports, and nature.


Riverdale School's Vision

Committed learning for our whole community.

For our students, teachers, and staff, Riverdale School is dedicated to lifelong learning opportunities. We facilitate authentic, real life learning experiences that set students up for success in education and beyond.


Our School Values

Learner Success — we support our students along their K-6 educational journey and we meet them where they are at in their learning. Our students move on from Riverdale School with a sense of accomplishment and pride, prepared for the next steps in their education. 

Safety — we foster a safe and secure environment for all members of the Riverdale School community. Whether it’s within the walls of our school or out in the surrounding neighbourhood, we look out for one another, honour each other’s opinions, beliefs, and approaches, and invite others to feel free to express themselves.

Teamwork — collaboration is critical to successful outcomes at Riverdale School. We place great importance on facilitating space for staff, teachers, parents, and students to work together to create the best educational experience possible. 

Respect — we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, accountability, and kindness to our fellow Riverdale School community members. We follow the principle: treat others as you would want to be treated.

Diversity and Inclusion — a core pillar underlying all of our values is ensuring Riverdale School is a welcoming, respectful, and secure place for everyone. Bullying and discrimination have no place at our school. We believe in creating an environment rich in perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.