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Parent Groups

What does PAC do at Riverdale School?


The Parent Council is made up of all parents of Riverdale School, with a small but dedicated working group of volunteers who make up the board.

Parent Council works to provide support - both through volunteers and finances - to improve the education and community provided at Riverdale School.

Parent Council hosts fundraisers in order to be able to provide this support. They typically carry out one major fundraiser each year and run hot lunches once a month.  Every two years, Parent Council works a casino in order to raise a significant amount of money to support the school.

Some of the things offered by means of their support include:

  • Events
    • Welcome BBQ, Harvest Soup Day, Christmas Event, Book Fair, Family Dance, End of Year Fun Day
  • Classroom supplies
    • Classroom libraries, learning tools
  • Library supplies
    • Books, displays
  • Music supplies
    • Instruments
  • Technology
    • iPads, chromebooks, smartboards in all classrooms
  • Field trips – out of school & in school
  • Artist in Residence
  • Physical education activities
    • Alien Inline, down hill skiing, dance.

Due to this support, the school fees at Riverdale are very minimal, yet our children have access to everything they need to be successful students, and to experience many educational enrichment opportunities.

Please consider volunteering time (typically no more than ½ an hour) to one of the events or to attend a monthly meeting!!!  Your contributions are very much appreciated.