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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Supervision is performed by adults who have passed the appropriate security clearances as required by Edmonton Public School Board.

Lunch time at Riverdale School runs from 11:36am-12:35pm. Students eat their lunch in the gym with supervision, followed by outdoor play time, weather permitting.  Students remain indoors for activities when weather conditions are harsh.

The premise we use in providing supervision is one of respect. Respect for the students in our care, respect from each student for each other and the supervisors.

  • Within the expectation of respect is that students will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Consistent issues with children relating to a lack of respect for others within the program will be referred to the school administration.

All other school rules will be adhered to during the lunch hour, including having no digital devices or cell phones on during the school day.

Some tips for helping students have a successful lunch:

  • No nut products please as we have several children with severe allergies
  • Please label all lunch kits and dishware with your child’s name
  • We are happy to help open containers and help your child set up their meals
  • We do have a limited amount of cutlery/dishes available for use within the program
  • To ensure your child can eat in a timely manner, only quick warm up foods (less than 2 minutes required) should be sent with your child, if you wish them to use the microwave
  • Lunch in a thermos is an excellent alternative to microwaving food
  • No microwave popcorn please
  • Please note that uneaten lunch items (eg. whole pieces of fruit) will be sent home with the child in order for parents to monitor what is being consumed and to avoid food wastage